Admissions and Enrollment


Florida Academy of Ayurveda strives to assemble a student body that is committed to the study of Ayurveda as a personal path to balanced health. Florida Academy of Ayurveda looks for individuals who are eager to share the principles and practice of Ayurveda with others in a professional manner. To assure that each student receives a quality education and that they are competent in the practice of Ayurveda upon graduation, Florida Academy of Ayurveda accepts a limited number of students in to its programs.


Applicant Requirements / Prerequisites

  • Minimum of 18 years of age
  • Able to present a high school, general equivalency or college diploma
  • Able to fully participate in the program for which they are applying
  • Capable of honoring their student financial obligations
  • Completion and submission of Admissions Application, including application fee
  • Attend applicant interview at Florida Academy of Ayurveda – phone interviews may be granted for long distance applicants


Equal Opportunity Admissions

All applicants are considered equally. The most qualified applicants are admitted to the program at Florida Academy of Ayurveda without prejudice or discrimination by reason of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, national origin, religious belief, disability or other personal characteristics.


Late Enrollment and Admissions

Florida Academy of Ayurveda encourages early enrollment so that the student has ample time to prepare for their program and make necessary schedule arrangements to begin class. If Florida Academy of Ayurveda has not met the student limit, late enrollment will be considered. Florida Academy of Ayurveda’s program courses are sequential, one course building on the previous course information. Late admission to a program will only be considered with proof of knowledge or experience in the field of Ayurveda.


Enrollment Limit

Florida Academy of Ayurveda limits enrollment to fourteen students per academic year, offering a personal and supportive educational environment. Florida Academy of Ayurveda offers a student to teacher ratio of 1:14.


Application Process

  1. Complete and sign the Admissions Application form.
  2. Send the Admissions Application form with the non-refundable application processing fee of $50, payable to the Florida Academy of Ayurveda, 5409 North Florida Avenue Tampa, FL 33604
  3. Within one week of receiving your application, you will be contacted by Balance & Bliss Academy of Ayurveda to schedule your applicant interview.
  4. Acceptance to Florida Academy of Ayurveda will be determined during the applicant interview. If additional information is required for approval, you will be given a reasonable time frame to respond.
  5. Upon approval to attend Florida Academy of Ayurveda, you will complete and accept the terms of a Student Enrollment Agreement form.
License #4443 Licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education.