This month I graduated from the Florida Academy of Ayurveda as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor. The program (one weekend every three weeks for the duration of 16 months) was a most valuable experience in many aspects.

I am grateful to have received the teachings of the profound wisdom of Ayurveda by our wonderful teacher, Denise O’Dunn. She presented mankind’s oldest healing system in an approachable manner that made me quickly understand how valid the system is to this day.

The science of Ayurveda has become my “best friend”. Initially I simply wanted to acquire the knowledge for me personally, but now I have developed an overwhelming desire to share the Ayurvedic lifestyle with whoever is seeking it – maybe even without knowing it just yet.

During my time of studies I have made acquaintance and friendships with amazing people most of them being my fellow students. And last but not least, I wish to thank the Principal of the school, Kevin O’Dunn, for his teachings and for sharing his colorful life experiences with us. I have decided to continue my studies at the Florida Academy of Ayurveda to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner.

The school is an accredited school by the state of Florida, which made a deciding factor in my school selection.

Margit Fiedler – Priyavasu

Margit Fiedler

My time at the Florida Academy of Ayurveda was life changing in so many aspects. During the training I bonded with a group of amazing women that continue to be a crucial part of my life to this day and I am sure for many years to come. The course itself was mentally and emotionally challenging in a way that made me appreciate the science of life, Denise’s instruction made the material easy to digest and absorb. I looked forward to every single weekend at the academy, from the yoga class to each and every lecture. Every minute with Denise and the class was an opportunity to learn. Although I did not continue my second semester with Denise due to time constraints I am even more appreciative of her teaching style and the material she offered now that I am in another institution. I would recommend this academy and this guru to everyone, if I could do it a thousand more times I would pick Denise each and every time. Natalia T Galindo

Natalia Galindo

The Florida Academy of Ayurveda changed my life. My teachers are beautiful souls like I’ve never known. They share so much knowledge, kindness and love. The things I’ve learned have been incredible. I look at life and people totally differently. I guess you can say through rose colored glasses. This course was so life changing. It changed me and my family. I’m so grateful for it and can’t wait to continue my education and share with people this knowledge. It’s worth it. Nicole Malatia

Nicole Malatia

Finally one of my dreams came true after I completed the Ayurvedic Health Counselor Program at Florida Academy of Ayurveda in Tampa with Denise and Kevin O’Dunn. From the moment I met Denise many years before, I never stopped thinking that one day she would be my teacher and my guidance for many aspects in my life. Denise is an excellent teacher and she has an answer for every question, which she explains thoroughly and patiently, until you understand. We are very fortunate that, while attending the training, Denise offers a personal consultation with each student, which brings us closer and makes us aware of our physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances, by learning about our Doshas. The healing process starts right there knowing the changes and routines that we need to follow. Thank you, Denise, for your understanding; also for your patience and for treating each ones of us in a unique way. You fulfilled our need to learn, to heal, and to believe in ourselves. You have been more than a teacher for all of us. I fully recommend to anyone who wants to learn Ayurveda that they attend the Florida Academy of Ayurveda and learn from Denise.  Namaste, María Munoz-Pranayama Sutah

Maria Munoz

The journey of my life to US let me find too many answers and the most important was to find Ayurveda. One night I found online the web of the “Florida Academy of Ayurveda” (FAA), it was magic to read at that moment Ayurveda the “Science of Life”. And after nine years I got the opportunity to meet with Denise and her excellent experience, the quality of her knowledge and wisdom as well as her charismatic personality convince me to start in a new world – the world of “knowledge of Ayurveda”.
Denise and Kevin, the founders of Florida Academy of Ayurveda, are the excellent combination of love, wisdom, commitment, responsibility, management, communication and dynamism. And the main reason to start the first steps in Ayurveda with them, is because they are planting and spreading the seeds around the world through us that the true nature of human being is to live in harmony with us and our environment.
I have the honor to be part of the first group of Spanish students that has been graduated as Ayurvedic Health Counselor on May 7, 2016.
My classmates were really wonderful, each one with different professional background, as well as different experiences of life and ages, all of them bring to our course a special feeling of friendship, knowledge, joy, and chemistry connection between us and Denise.
And the end of the course of Ayurveda with the beautiful ceremony of the graduation with our families and friends at the Florida Academy of Ayurveda in Tampa, Florida; all of us enjoyed of a delicious and healthy Ayurvedic food. It was awesome to show to our lovely people that we can live in Ayurveda with harmony, blessings and balance the life.
I re-birth as Nasatyamani, this is my name in my journey of my new life in Ayurveda.
I invite to everybody that is looking answers about the mission in the life to visit the Florida Academy of Ayurveda and you can find the path to re-birth as I did.
Welcome to live and learn Ayurveda with Denise O’Dunn.
In Spanish means Bienvenidos a vivir y aprender Ayurveda con Denise O’Dunn.
Namaste, Betty Medina Nasatyamani

Betty Medina

Coming from Yoga teacher background, I had some idea what to expect as I have been exposed to Ayurvedic principles in my Yoga training. The truth is there were so much more depth and richness I could ever imagine. The actual Ayurvedic science has surprised me with its truly scientific base. My initial attraction was more to the consciousness aspect of Ayurveda. How beautiful to see the perfect merging and application of both! I have learned so much and I have definitely opened my mind beyond my comfort zone, without a doubt. I am grateful for that.

Not only my mind became more open, but also my heart experienced an undeniable shift. Having a teacher such as Denise-Yashoda, meant being fully enveloped by unconditional love and acceptance each time we met in class. Her presentation of Ayurvedic teachings was infused with devotion and reverence as well as deep understanding of the principles, methods, and applications. To me, personally, it was Denise’s presence that made the entire journey so special. I also recognize and cherish the contribution of each of my classmates to the truly transforming experience.

If you are interested in Ayurveda, this may be helpful to you: There may be a number of competent schools you can learn Ayurveda. However, what I found out, in this school you don’t just learn Ayurveda, you LIVE Ayurveda. With a heartfelt gratitude to my teacher, Denise-Yashoda. Namaste, Sabina Ati Sundari.

Sabina Dekanski

I just graduated one week ago, May 7, 2016, so I feel the grace of Ayurveda growing inside me like the energy of spring rebirth! Because of my training at FAA, I trust that my Ayurveda practice will grow and blossom as I do.

This has been a life changing journey for me, beyond my hopes even. It is now my heart’s desire to devote myself to my inner peace and bliss, so that I may share greater harmony in my life.

Denise, your love and wisdom is all embrasive. In you, I behold the true teacher and mentor, who serves by being and living the sattvic qualities we aspire to in Ayurveda. You were the heart of our class circle of amazing women, each one encouraged to explore and experience the principles we learned together. I felt connected with the ancient sages of India down through ages to the present, through the content of our studies, as well as, the manner in which we acquired it.

My heart is ever glad and grateful for everyone involved in the training at the Florida Academy of Ayurveda. I extend my thanks to Kevin for constant support, the family assistance at Balance & Bliss, as well as, the presenters who enlightened us with their specialized knowledge and experience. The commitment required was challenging yet very fulfilling!

Ayurveda is an archetypal science of life that embraces universal truth that can be applied to each individual person, in any culture or spiritual tradition. My Ayurvedic understanding enables me to integrate my past training and experience in holistic arts to serve many others with more confidence, clarity and compassion.

Love always

Ruth Ann Rauter

I entered a new world when I walked into Denise O’Dunn’s Ayurveda Health Counselor class in January 2015. My path has always been one of health and alternative medicines, and this turn led me to 16 months of the study of the Science of Life. Denise comes from love and true caring for the practice and for her students. The environment for the 9 of us students was one of open dialogue, so in addition to Denise’s curriculum, we discussed and learned from each other. The bonding that occurred was amazing, and it started at the top with Denise guiding us.

I learned first hand the benefits of Pancha Karma by experiencing it myself for 3 weeks mid 2015. Denise’s grasp of this process resulted in balancing, cleansing and rejuvenating me in a way that I will never forget. Again, her loving and caring nature increased the benefits of this treatment exponentially.

I am excited to take the next course of Practitioner when it opens up.

It is so obvious that Denise’s dharma is sharing Ayurveda. I am one of the many beneficiaries. Thank you, Denise (Yashoda), for all that you shared and continue to share with me.

Kiffie Hester

I graduated from Florida Academy of Ayurveda May 7, 2016. The education that I received at Florida Academy of Ayurveda was amazing. I am an RN and I always felt that a piece was missing from my nursing education and from the health care system that I called my career. Denise, through Ayurveda completed the picture for me. I firmly believe that Ayurveda and Western Medicine can work together side by side in a beautiful and complimentary system to ensure that people get the health care they need and the education to empower themselves to take charge of their own health. I strongly recommend FAA. Denise’s expertise in Ayurveda is amazing. She presents the material with a beautiful and sincere passion from her heart. I learned so much, not just about Ayurveda but most importantly, about myself. She taught me that you can be gentle and still get your point firmly across. She is the perfect example of feminine power. Thank you Denise, from the bottom of my heart for honoring your call of Ayurveda. I have been truly blessed by this experience.

Because of my education with FAA I am starting my own Ayurveda business to fulfill my part in spreading the word to the world about the amazing way of Ayurveda. Denise with Florida Academy of Ayurveda truly confirmed my calling and changed my life. She will do the same for you.

Thank you Denise, from the bottom of my heart. The subtle, healing ripple effect you have caused will never be truly known, but forever felt.

If you are curious about Ayurveda I highly recommend Florida Academy of Ayurveda. At least go in for an interview with Denise. You will know instantly if it is right for you.

Annette Broy

It was my honor and privilege to attend the Florida Academy of Ayurveda.

Denise selflessly, enthusiastically and generously shares the vast wealth of knowledge of the ancient Science of Ayurveda. She is an esteemed educator and tour guide to the Divine intelligence of Ayurveda.

Both Denise and Kevin are as dedicated to making their program rich with information and hands-on experiences as they are to nurturing each individual student. Through their teachings comes the vast information, understanding and wisdom of the 5,000 year old science.

Studying at the Florida Academy of Ayurveda was an enriching experience and has become a major component to fostering not only my own health but the health of my family and yoga students. Ayurveda is the foundation to my work as a Holistic Health Practitioner.

I thank Denise and Kevin for their dedication, compassion and heartfelt sharing of Ayurveda. After graduation I went on to take further my studies for which I was thoroughly and completely prepared.

Jackie Wright

Before I started my studies with Denise and the Academy, my exposure to Ayurveda was from the culture I grew up from and my family that practiced Ayurvedic principles.  But hectic lifestyle and life’s changing nature can very well throw us off balance.  I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be a student at this academy and always looked forward to the Ayurveda weekend, which inevitably brings us to back to balance and settles us into blissful peace, among other things.  Denise teaches the classes just like she practices Ayurveda – selfless and brings out the best outcome in all.  The Academy taught us to blend together a medley of Yoga, aroma, food, ancient concepts and teachings and visual aids along with modern techniques to bring together the ancient concepts into a more practical and customized lifestyle solution for better health and life.   While we all were students, I am sure we were all gifted with better health, better relationships and a better perspective into who we really were!

Jayanthi Nagarajan

My experience at the Florida Academy of Ayurveda as a student was nothing short of an incredible learning process about this wonderful science, about life and about myself. The teachers Denise and Kevin O’Dunn are so knowledgeable and their classes are so well structured in a warm and welcoming setting at the academy. For me it was not only a blessing but also a privilege to be part of this class. Thank you so much, Denise and Kevin!  Namaste’

Anna Radmanesh

The Florida Academy of Ayurveda provided me not only a thorough understanding of the art and science of Ayurveda but also led me on an expansive journey of self-exploration. The experience shifted my perspective on numerous aspects of nutrition, health, wellness, and lifestyle and I now confidently offer others consultation on natural approaches to good health and wellness. My life has been greatly enriched by the wisdom of Ayurveda.  I highly recommend this course of study and the Florida Academy of Ayurveda.

Christie Nolan

I was incredibly excited to begin my education in herbs, and yoga, etc., etc.  What I didn’t expect was the exposure to a culture that is foreign to my life experience. I have learned about nutrition, and herbs, etc. etc.  I have also learned to appreciate all the qualities that make individuals unique. It is my goal to go forward offering the knowledge I have gained, freely, to anyone who is seeking balance. It is my desire that others will see the light shining through me.

Kathy Walker

My time at Florida Academy of Ayurveda was life changing. It has really helped me to bring more balance to my life and personal relationships. It is so much easier to be understanding of people and their actions when you couch them in terms of actions of the doshas. I expected to gain better control over my health and well-being. This was just a bonus.

Marilyn Parker

When I started the program at The Florida Academy of Ayurveda, my head was telling me one thing and now as I finish the program my heart has TAUGHT me another. Ayurveda has taught me how to bring the two together in harmony. Sitting before Denise and Kevin for each class I felt blessed to be learning from such dedicated and passionate stewards of the Ayurveda traditions and knowledge. With each session that we gathered, their kindness, devotion and excitement inspired me more on my path of education. The Florida Academy of Ayurveda stands with integrity, passing along the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to a new generation of practitioners. They taught me, Ayurveda can assist with every aspect of life, it’s all about BALANCE. Through the magic of observing nature and how we are made up of all of the elements, we can gently shift from disharmony to bliss by coming back to BALANCE. Ayurveda is an Art and The Florida Academy of Ayurveda are masters of this art. With a heart full of gratitude, I give thanks to Denise and Kevin for walking beside me along my path to a life filled with happier and healthier possibilities. Wishing everyone the joy of discovering their own bliss through the study of Ayurveda!  Namaste’

Cori Puls